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This is pretty important.

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"On Wednesday evening, Illinois State University police responded to a
report of graffiti on the 9th floor of Whitten Hall. Written in black
marker on a restroom toilet paper dispenser, were the words, "ISU is the
next NIU."

I want to assure you that there is no evidence to suggest that this
isolated incident poses a greater risk to campus security. Still, the
tragedies at Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech mandate that
we take any incident very seriously, and that we keep you completely

After I was told of yesterday's incident, I ordered extra police patrols
in and around Whitten Hall. In the coming days, you may also notice a
more conspicuous police presence on campus.

If you have any information regarding the incident at Whitten Hall, I
urge you to contact the ISU Police Department at 438-8631. I also want
to assure you that anyone engaging in such behavior will face criminal
vandalism charges and expulsion from the University.

I also want to take this opportunity to alert you to a new Web site
regarding University security. By following the Campus Security link
from the Illinois State homepage at www.IllinoisState.edu, you will find
concise easy-to-read information about reporting campus emergencies,
police and individual responses to emergencies, current and developing
security measures, crime prevention techniques and personal safety tips.

I encourage everyone associated with Illinois State to become familiar
with the information on Campus Security Web site. While University
authorities have a planned and practiced response to emergencies,
knowledge of University safety procedures can be the best defense in an

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
contact my assistant, Jay Groves, at 438-5677 or by e-mail at


Al Bowman"
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I just received the e-mail in my inbox.


NIU is frightening enough without threats on our campus. If I had my way, there would be police in every residence hall and building on campus.
I'm so glad I'm done with classes for the week, and that I'm not in huge lecture halls anymore.
I wish we had been notified last night rather than 15 hours after the fact...
So you could, what? Avoid all the anti-social twerps with cans of spray paint?
90% of me is positive that this was just some jagoff who thinks they're funny.

The other 10% of me, not so much.
My thoughts exactly.

It's hard to believe the word in which we live.
Anyone hear the newest batch of rumors regarding Tri-Towers?

Scary stuff... I'm not going to class tomorrow.