I'm The Guy Who Sucks...Plus I Got Depression (mactheknife) wrote in go_isu,
I'm The Guy Who Sucks...Plus I Got Depression

do i use this community as a cut-rate craigslist?  you know it!

so here's the deal

1) i'm broke
2) i'm shit at guitar
3) i can really only afford one expensive hobby and i have like six

sooooo I'm getting rid of my guitar gear. half-stack and a guitar.

here's some info...

head: Carvin MTS3200. All tube. Modified at Voodoo Labs. Sounds fucking great, you can ask Lopinto as he's played out of it. In nearly perfect shape minus some light tolex wear.

cab: avatar something something. it's loud.

guitar: epiphone SG, it's the middle-of-the-road model. bridge pickup is from a friend's les paul studio.

asking prices:
head: $400 but willing to negotiate, i paid $450
cab: $300
guitar: $200 but willing to negotiate

be real here.

here, have a picture
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