raete (raetehytan) wrote in go_isu,

Ok, advisor rant.
So as other bio majors already know, we have a new academic advisor.  I'm trying to work out how to get my study abroad credits transferred (I'm graduating in May), and she has basically sucked it up at getting back to me. And since I'm on the other side of the world, I can't exactly go knock on her door.

When I initially emailed her about my issue, she took over a week to get back to me and managed to completely misunderstand/ignore everything I had said and not answer any of my questions... So I sent her another email basically restating everything I had already explained and asked. It has been almost a month with no response. I asked her if I should be going through someone else incase it wasn't her job/she didn't know the answer. Nothing.

Thank god I contacted someone else. I ended up going through my study abroad advisor- it's not even his job to help me figure this stuff out, but he helped me immediately.
I understand that she's new and probably still getting accustomed to her job, but this is kind of ridiculous. Especially considering that I'm a senior who is going to be graduating in about a month.


Is anyone else having issues with her?
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