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Prospective student questions

Hello. I applied to ISU late last month. I visited the campus and found it to be nice, but I didn't really get answers to this question so I think I'll pose it here.

Does anyone else here commute to campus from outside Bloomington/Normal? I currently live in Champaign-Urbana (and before you ask, I can't go to UIUC, they don't have the program I'm interested in) and would be making the commute to campus hopefully not every day but a couple days a week. I'm a transfer student from Parkland who tried to go to Franklin University online but couldn't handle an online-only course system. I am just wondering if others have dealt with this and what are your experiences?

Also how long does it take for them to process your application? According to the website I applied on they have received it but not processed it. The waiting is killing me!

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