Illinois State University students/alumni/friends!

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Community Info
  • Including: This is a community for students, friends, alumni, etc. of Illinois State University.

  • Not excluding: The community also welcomes prospective students. If you are considering attending ISU don't hesitate to post your questions here.

  • Founded and Maintained by: so_cruel [contact: so_cruel @ livejournal.com]
  • My basic policy is to stay out of Maintainer Mode as much as possible; however, sometimes situations call for me to keep the peace. Make my job easier - don't be ignorant and we'll all be happy.

    Community Guidelines
    1. If you're new and would like to introduce yourself, go for it!
    2. Be courteous. If you're being a complete jerk, I'll probably take away your posting access for awhile.
    3. Please use lj-cut for pictures or long entries.
    4. Check the memories before posting a question. Members of this community are always willing to answer questions. However, since the question may have been asked before, it's polite to check the memories before duplicating.
    5. Promotions of other communities are welcome here so long as the communities are relevant to Illinois State, college students, or the Bloomington-Normal area. Basically, just use your best judgment and it's fine.
    6. Posting here is pretty relaxed and open to whatever is on your mind. I generally don't delete posts unless the poster is obviously just trying to upset people. So that means feel free to look for roommates, advertise events, auction off your stuff, etc.

    Warnings & Disclaimer
  • Zero Tolerance: Rude people that ruin the otherwise pleasant atmosphere of the community are automatically banned.

  • Posting Access: In order to post in this community, you must join first.

  • Disclaimer: This is a community created by and for those involved with or attending Illinois State University. It is in no way affiliated with Illinois State University. The views and opinions expressed within this community are those of the members. This community is in no way a direct reflection of the entire university. Those who need factual and/or unbiased information about the university should contact the university.

  • Please use this community maturely and responsibly. If you have any problems or concerns, contact me.

    Useful Links
    ISU Homepage
    University Housing
    Student Health Services
    Redbird Athletics

    Other Communities
    bn; a Bloomington-Normal community.
    college_mailnet; a college pen pal community.
    illinois_sports; a sports community.
    drive_me_home; a community to find rides home from ISU.